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    Posted on Sep 27, 2012

    11 Coolest Bedtimes

    In order of least cool to most cool.

    11. Two O'Clock

    You will wake up to the DVD menu screen playing.

    10. Ten O'Clock

    What, you have a cold or something? Hungover from last night?

    9. Nine O'Clock

    Only not very cool because you probably have some weird shift work disorder because you have to get up at like 4am.

    8. Eleven O'Clock

    Decent. You got to watch all of Mad Men and then went right to bed.

    7. Eight O'Clock

    Are you a fucking third grader?

    6. Nine Thirty

    Seriously, this is just as bad.

    This is you, you big baby.

    5. Oh heck yeah - Midnight

    Woop woop it's Thursday, gonna stay up late.

    4. Ten After Twelve

    Yeah, decided to fuck around on Facebook a little more. Only 10 minutes, whatever.

    3. Ten Thirty

    A GREAT night's sleep. Gonna wake up like a newborn baby, feeling fantastic.

    2. Three O'Clock, Damn


    You, being very cool. Probably smoking cigarettes.

    1. Eleven Forty-Five. The Best Bedtime.

    This is the perfect bedtime. Now get the hell out of my office.

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