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    11 Reasons You Should Be Watching Carmilla

    Buckle up, creampuff.

    1. Carmilla is a webseries based on a novella about vampires that came out before Dracula

    2. Vampires! Mystery! Supernatural things!

    3. So many queer ladies

    4. It has amazing transmedia storytelling

    5. It's hilarious

    6. The characters are A+

    The 5 main characters are distinct and fleshed out characters who each play a pivotal role in the series. We've got...

    Tiny Gay Laura

    Useless Lesbian Vampire Carmilla

    Tall Gay Danny

    Non-Binary Brain LaFontaine

    The Most Organized Hall Don Perry

    7. So many relationships, so little time

    With all of these wonderful characters, there are plenty of wonderful relationships to fangirl about. Here are the main 3...




    8. The cast is constantly interacting with the fandom online

    Our fearless fandom leader Kaitlyn Alexander

    The witty and gorgeous Natasha Negovanlis

    Cheek-pinching cute Elise Bauman

    The hilarious and super sweet Sharon Belle

    The beautifully talented Annie Briggs

    9. The fandom is super dedicated

    10. There's a pretty cool sponsorship from U by Kotex

    11. If you're not convinced yet, just watch the show's trailer

    View this video on YouTube

    And find all of Carmilla (so far) on VerveGirl TV's YouTube channel. There will be 36 episodes this season (hopefully we get a season 2!), and new episodes are posted every Tuesday and Thursday.