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    11 Reasons You Should Be Watching Carmilla

    Buckle up, creampuff.

    1. Carmilla is a webseries based on a novella about vampires that came out before Dracula

    In the same vlog style as the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Carmilla updates Sheridan Le Fanu's gothic novella of the same name. In the the webseries we follow Laura Hollis, a college freshman at Silas University, and her trials and tribulations trying to find her missing roommate, Betty, while dealing with her mysterious new roommate, Carmilla.

    2. Vampires! Mystery! Supernatural things! / Via

    With the mystery of Betty's disappearance, vampires, giant mushrooms, and garden gnomes, the show has a very Veronica Mars meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Welcome to Nightvale vibe.

    3. So many queer ladies / Via

    The 5 main characters are female and queer dominated. What's not to love about that?

    (the above is not actual dialogue but honestly, NOT WRONG)

    4. It has amazing transmedia storytelling

    Via Twitter: @Laura2theLetter

    Not only can you watch the episodes on YouTube, but the story is also told through Laura and Carmilla on Twitter and Tumblr.

    There's also a 10-part canon extension of Silas University as told by Laura and Carmilla's dorm neighbor.

    5. It's hilarious / Via

    Although it's subject matter can get a little dark and is cloaked in mystery, the cast has fantastic timing and there are great jokes placed perfectly in the episodes.

    6. The characters are A+

    The 5 main characters are distinct and fleshed out characters who each play a pivotal role in the series. We've got...

    Tiny Gay Laura / Via

    You honestly couldn't ask for a better protagonist. With her perfect facial expressions, strong sense of personal agency, inconvenient vampire crushes, and TARDIS mug, she can basically do no wrong.

    Useless Lesbian Vampire Carmilla / Via

    Tortured, 100% done with you, steals her roommate's food/clothes/pillow, and rocks leather pants? Yep, Carmilla's the perfect vampire-roommate to throw a wrench into Laura's life.

    Tall Gay Danny / Via

    Laura's TA (who Twitter tells us Laura has had a crush on) is also president of the Summer Society (an outdoor social club for all girls athletics, and some fans think they're also monster hunters). She's very protective of Laura, very athletic, and very tall.

    Non-Binary Brain LaFontaine / Via

    LaFontaine, or LaF for short, is a fan favorite. They (LaF is non-binary on the show and has yet to discuss their preferred pronouns, but the fandom has been using they/them/theirs) are a bio major who is super curious about the world around them. Basically, LaF is exactly who Laura needs to help her solve this mystery.

    The Most Organized Hall Don Perry / Via

    Perry is the scooby-gang member who is the least ok with the supernatural craziness at Silas (she tries so hard to ignore it). She just wants to bake everyone brownies and organize floor activities, not fight the supernatural!

    7. So many relationships, so little time

    With all of these wonderful characters, there are plenty of wonderful relationships to fangirl about. Here are the main 3...

    Laura/Carmilla / Via

    The central relationship of the show is Carmilla/Laura (affectionately know by their fans as Hollstein). The dynamic between these two is a super satisfying slow burn.

    Danny/Laura / Via

    Laura has the most adorable crush on Danny (I mean who wouldn't) and the two actively reside in that grey space between friends and girlfriends.

    Perry/LaFontaine / Via

    The great ship LaFerry is made up of two best friends who perfectly compliment each other, and are always attached at the hip in the best way possible. Essentially, they're married.

    8. The cast is constantly interacting with the fandom online

    They use fanart as their Twitter icons and headers, they respond to tweets, they voluntarily make videos just because we ask, they're all angels.

    Plus the producers/writers/crew are also super involved with the fandom too (shout out to Steph, Ellen, and Jordan)

    Our fearless fandom leader Kaitlyn Alexander / Via

    Easily the most active online, Kaitlyn understands fandom-speak, reblogs/retweets fan-created content, and is the self-proclaimed captain of the LaFerry ship (she's even written some LaFerry fanfic). But most importantly, Kaitlyn has spent a great deal of her time generously creating additional content for the fans by posting interviews with cast members to her YouTube channel.

    The witty and gorgeous Natasha Negovanlis / Via

    Read her flawless tweets, listen to her sing, look at her face, fall in love.

    Cheek-pinching cute Elise Bauman / Via

    Here's what you need to know about Elise: she doesn't totally understand the Internet, she does a great velociraptor impression, and she's added a new dimension to her nickname "Elise Baeman".

    The hilarious and super sweet Sharon Belle / Via

    Sharon is so tall she has to sit down in videos when Elise and Kaitlyn are standing (but it's ok because she stays in her Halloween character the whole time #acting). Sharon smells like bacon, all the time. Sharon stands beside "Shartlyn" as her and Kaitlyn's brotp name.

    The beautifully talented Annie Briggs / Via

    When Taylor Swift sings about that "red lip classic thing that you like" she's talking about Annie Briggs. Annie is too talented for her (our) own good and knows how to leverage her best assets.

    9. The fandom is super dedicated / Via

    I've been in a lot of fandoms but nothing quite compares to Carmilla's (better known as the Creampuffs). They have amazing fanart, fanfic, and even fandom-wide selfie weekends. Also #neverforget #carmillapocalypse.

    10. There's a pretty cool sponsorship from U by Kotex / Via

    It totally makes sense for the brand to sponsor the female driven show with a huge female audience. Plus we get some pretty hilarious U by Kotex bonus content.

    11. If you're not convinced yet, just watch the show's trailer

    View this video on YouTube

    And find all of Carmilla (so far) on VerveGirl TV's YouTube channel. There will be 36 episodes this season (hopefully we get a season 2!), and new episodes are posted every Tuesday and Thursday.