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18 Times The Cast Of "The Office" Reunited And We All Felt Things

It's been three years since the finale, and our hearts still hurt.

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1. When our two favorite receptionists hung out in March 2016.

2. When Kelly gave her approval of Dwight's series Backstrom in January 2015.

3. When Michael, Andy, and Broccoli Rob got together to celebrate Jon Stewart's last episode of The Daily Show in August 2015.

4. When Phyllis came out to Creed's show, An Evening of Music & Comedy, in January 2016.

5. When Kelly and Ryan celebrated the launch of his new app, "The List App" — not as great as, but still pretty cool.

6. When Dwight and Angela were reunited last summer.

7. When the founding members of Subtle Sexuality were reunited at the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt panel at the Upright Citizens Bridage in June 2016.

Hi, Erin and Kelly!!!!! / Via

Hi, Erin and Kelly!!!!!

8. When the accounting team plus Pam went to dinner and celebrated the holidays together this past December.

9. When Angela, Pam, and Oscar grabbed a bite and probably talked about how "un-be-liev-a-ble" some people can be in February 2016.

10. When Creed went to see Dwight in his show, Thom Pain, this past January.

11. When Packer was featured in a show for Meredith's comedy duo, The Lampshades, in April 2016.

12. When Pam, Roy, and Angela were reunited at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

13. When Kelly, Dwight and Mose turned up at Fox's 2014 All-Star party on the Winter TCA tour.

14. When Kelly and the traveling salesman/Josh Duhamel look-alike spent some quality time together in September 2013.

15. When the ladies of the office reminisced about the good old days in September 2015.

16. When Oscar attended Ryan's book signing for The Book with No Pictures in October 2014.

My wife surprised me. Took me to a book reading. A young literary upstart. I believe his name is BJ Novak.

Oscar Nunez / Via Twitter: @OscarNunezLA

17. When Toby and Dwight dressed up as a priest and Hellraiser and hung out, for some reason.

18. And finally, when Pam went to Jim's play Dry Powder in April 2016, and everything was good with the world.

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