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If Disney Princesses Went To Bars

And they lived happily ever after...with a hangover.

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They want to be like everyone else and part of our the bars.


Are they even old enough to drive?

Obviously any night out would start with a good hair day.

They wouldn't walk out of their castle for a night out without their making up looking fierce.

You know their outfits would ALWAYS be on point.


Thanks to their fairy godmothers of course.

Their squads would roll deep to the clubs.



Disney Princesses would play it safe and take an Uber.

They would be nervous AF to approach the bouncer using their fake IDs.

How they would react when their fakes actually scanned and worked.

Their reaction when offered anything but Rosé.


Spoiled betches.

They would kill it on the dance floor.


Sure they sing to animals daily, but they would steal the show on karaoke nights.

You know they would get VIP treatment.


Princesses love poppin bottles.

How they would react if another person besides their prince even thought about dancing with them.


They can be a little dramatic.

But just like us commoners, they too would lose items after a long night of partying.

And at the end of the night their hair would still somehow look FLAWLESS.


Admit it... we are all a little jealous of their hair.

Finally, even hangovers would be a royal pain in the ass for princesses too.

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