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    21 Things Every Edinburgh Teen Did In The '00s

    So much chippie sauce and Irn Bru.

    1. Hanging with your mates at the Commie Pool.

    2. Practicing your kissing at the end of festival fireworks.

    3. Getting your belly button pierced by the legendary Tails at Whiplash Trash.

    4. Popping into Crew for free condoms.

    5. Lusting after Bench cardigans, Paul Frank tees, and Gola trainers in Cult Clothing on North Bridge.

    6. Smoking fags and drinking coffee at Costa on the corner of Princes Street, thinking it was the height of sophistication.

    7. But knowing you shouldn't be smoking, because Stinx told you so.

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    "Cos I'm so outtttaaaaa breath."

    8. Going to the Cav every Sunday and Wednesday.

    9. Refusing to call the Cav by its new name.

    10. And let's not even get started on "Princes Mall".

    11. Drinking endless 50p long vodkas at the Jaffa Cake and Establishment.

    12. Curing hangovers with a chippie meal deal and bottle of Bru.

    13. Seeing Love Actually at the ABC cinema.

    14. Using this as fake ID.

    15. Spending every Saturday night at Eros ELITE because they served pizza on the dance floor.

    16. Saving up for Urban Decay and Hard Candy nail varnish from Jenners.

    17. Shouting this on Cockburn street.

    18. That's if you weren't moshing with the best of 'em at the Mission in Studio 24.

    19. Going to T In The Park and having the time of your life.

    20. Forget A/S/L. All you cared about was which school everyone went to.

    21. But really, you knew it doesn't matter. Because you all lived in Edinburgh, the greatest city on earth.