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24 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Scottish Person

They're pure barry like.

1. Scots are known for being incredibly welcoming.

2. That's not to say they won't tell you when someone is out of line.

3. But no matter what they say, their voice will sound amazing.

4. They'll introduce you to some of the finest booze in the land.

5. And they throw the best parties in the world.

6. Scottish people will never judge you for your culinary choices.

7. They'll take you to some truly breathtaking places.

8. And they're really into their politics, so you'll never be short of dinner party conversation.

9. Don't know what to buy for Valentine's Day? Scotland's got it sorted.

10. And although they're friendly, Scots can be fierce when they need to be.

11. Of course, they're also very easy on the eye.

12. And, if you have kids, there's a chance they'll look like this.

13. Having kids with a Scottish person means learning some truly great nursery rhymes.

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And they have morals too. You really cannae shove your granny off a bus.

14. Sometimes they'll say "Gies a bosie" and it's the best thing ever.

15. And sometimes they'll give you a winch.

16. They'll bring you Tunnock's from the source.

17. They'll kick your ass at computer games.

18. And they might buy you a macaroni pie.

19. And although they're known for being tight, that just means there's always money saved for a rainy day.

20. It's never too early to start the party in Scotland.

21. And when you're hungover, your SO will look after you.

22. At weddings you either get to wear a kilt, or be the date of a man in a kilt.

23. Scots aren't afraid to go there with jokes.

24. And they're really good at baking.