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    Posted on Oct 1, 2015

    15 Things Only Super-Disciplined People Will Understand

    *gazes at day planner* 'Til death do us part.

    1. When someone asks you when your next completely plan-free day is, you're like...

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    Is everyone else not scheduled out 'til the new year??

    2. Even your so-called leisure time is highly organized.

    3. When preparing meals, every last ingredient needs to be in its proper place.

    4. And you probably eat the same thing for breakfast every day (at least for a few months), because you find the familiarity soothing.

    5. And even when you decide to take "a night off," your responsibilities loom over your head the whole time.

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    6. Your exercise schedule is busy and highly regimented.

    7. And when something comes up and you're forced to miss a gym day, it throws off your whole week.


    8. You derive great pleasure from seeing things in their proper, neatly arranged, perfectly lined-up place.

    9. You were always an honor roll student.

    10. It can be hard for you to make friends with people who aren't super organized and into planning like you are.


    What do you mean, "We don't need an agenda"???

    11. Leaving an item on your to-do list un–checked-off makes you feel completely, exaggeratedly horrible about yourself.

    12. And if your relationship status changes, you get stressed by your whole routine being thrown out of whack.


    This can still be a GREAT thing, eventually, but at first?? PANIC.

    13. You don't understand people who have a hard time saying no.


    No, I can't have another drink because I have to get up at 6:00. No, I would not like another piece of pizza. ... No, I do not have plans on Saturday night, why do you ask?

    14. And you've never been able to understand the phrase "play it by ear."


    15. You may not have the most carefree reputation in the world...


    ...but at least you always get shit done.

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