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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    18 Things That Always Happen To People Who Hate New Year's Eve

    Can I just go to bed now?

    1. You feel like Scrooge from December 26—January 1.


    2. People discussing their lavish NYE plans makes you grumpy and stressed out.


    3. None of your friends are into your suggestion of a casual, small-group thing with pizza, where everyone goes to bed by 11:00.


    Why should I get less sleep just because a year is ending?

    4. Eventually, your FOMO wins out over your stubborn insistence that you'll just stay home.


    Even though you LOVE home.

    5. So you RSVP "yes" to a party or two, and try your hardest to get pumped.

    Comedy Central

    6. But then NYE comes around, and you become paralyzed by the getting ready process.

    Touchstone Pictures

    Am I supposed to wear something with like, gold sequins? Or something??

    7. And from the moment you step outside on New Year's Eve, you regret every choice that led you to this point.


    How are people already puking in the street?

    8. Once you get to the party, you're struck with the horrifying fact that now you have to STAY there.


    9. You start drinking in hopes it'll make your NYE experience as fun as everyone else's seems to be.


    10. For a little bit, this plan works AMAZINGLY WELL.

    The CW

    11. But then, you text someone (who knows why), and very suddenly, things take a SHARP turn.


    12. You decide you are done with New Year's Eve.


    13. And then you check the clock, and see that it's only 10:30.

    New Line Cinema

    14. You have an internal debate as to whether or not you can utilize your excellent Irish Goodbye skills.


    15. But even though you HATE NYE, you still have this idea that something ~magical~ could happen at midnight.


    So you decide to stay until at least 12:04.

    16. You begrudgingly count down along with everyone else.


    17. ... and as the clock strikes midnight ... nothing happens.

    Warner Bros.

    Obviously! Because life is not a TV show, and it's just a new day.

    18. You go home, drunk and tired, and vow to never feel peer-pressured to enjoy this holiday ever again.


    Until next year.

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