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What Should You Do Today?

Consult our Tarot Vine.

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Step 1: Play the Vine and tap it to stop on a tarot card.

Step 2: Look for your card below, and see what it means for your day ahead!

Major Arcana:

0 - The Fool: Focus on living in the present. Do not worry about the outcome of the various decisions you've put in place; it's too early to know what will happen.

1 - The Magician: Take hold of the myriad opportunities that are presenting themselves to you, and put yourself at center stage.

2 - The High Priestess: Let go of your obedience to old ways of thinking and doing things. Give your inner eye the chance to see yourself/your life for what they are.

3 - The Empress: Take responsibility for yourself, and don't blame others — eradicate bad and negative influencers from your life.

4 - The Emperor: Somewhere inside you there's a pioneer ready to strike out on your own. The time has come.

5 - The Hierophant: Embrace vulnerability — spill that secret you've been wanting to share, and be receptive to what others have to say about it.

6 - The Lovers: A reminder to love yourself most fully, and to let your love for others flow naturally from that self-fulfillment.

7 - The Chariot: Reckon with what it is you really want, and then figure out what you need to get it. You are already on a path, but it's never too late to change direction.

8 - Strength: Recognize your strengths AND your weaknesses, and concentrating on utilizing your strength in this present moment.

9 - The Hermit: Lift your anchor and throw unnecessary weight overboard — it is time to move forward into the light.

10 - Wheel of Fortune: What may seem a series of great "coincidences" is anything but — make note of these moments of connection.

11 - Justice: A reminder that judgments are not the same thing as experiences — consider what everyone's needs really are; do not assume you know.

12 - The Hanged Man: This is the end of some road — surrender yourself to this moment of change and new beginning.

13 - Death: A symbolic transition, and an opportunity to assess what can be harvested and what rotting fruit is better cast away.

14 - Temperance: A moment to grasp and accept the many contradictions in you life, and know that they will ultimately help you.

15 - The Devil: Bringing light to a place of darkness, and knowing that you have a real chance to eradicate long-buried demons.

16 - The Tower: You have a welling desire to take some plunge and act dramatically, but you should consider how you might reduce risks before the leap.

17 - The Star: Abolish false modesty and inhibition, and in so doing allow yourself to blossom.

18 - The Moon: You are at the brink of transformation, moving from longing and desiring to actually achieving and earning.

19 - The Sun: Take an innocent, child-like joy in the pleasure of merely existing. Don't let small roadblocks get you down.

20 - Judgement: Time to draw a line in the sand. Either reconcile and move together across it, or move on ahead alone.

21 - The World: Increasing awareness and readiness to step into the role/position for which you have worked so hard.


Queen of Wands: A personal game of cat and mouse between your desires and your actions — kill the mouse already! Be brave.

King of Wands: Challenges and temptations may cause you to feel hesitant, but now is the time to leap through the fire and go for what you want.

Knight of Wands: Sometimes you can only find out what you want after you just DO the thing you're wondering about.

Page of Wands: A moment of reflection on that which has brought you true joy. What do you want to do to bring you closer to these feelings?

Ace of Wands: The seed of a new relationship — whether romantic, platonic, or business — has been planted. Allow it to grow.

2 of Wands: Give your decision some time to mature and settle before you act upon it — and then, put everything you have behind it.

3 of Wands: Have a little patience, for the correct solution to your current mess of concerns — what you want vs. what is expected of you, what you fear and hope for, etc. — is on the horizon.

4 of Wands: You need to dig deeper, and plant stronger roots, to solve your current issues. Let go of unattainable expectations.

5 of Wands: Give yourself some space and time with which to "play." Step back from the competition and ask if you even really want the prize.

6 of Wands: Is there some leadership role or new responsibility you've been considering taking on? You should. Come out of the shell.

7 of Wands: Take a breath and slow down. Unhurried effort will get you where you're going, too — and perhaps more successfully.

8 of Wands: Give yourself a second to accept the many changes you're going through. With this acceptance will come new energy.

9 of Wands: Acknowledge your fears and then let them go. The only way they can hurt you is if you let them prevent you from seeking your true wish.

10 of Wands: Give the issue or person on your mind your undivided attention, that you might see them more clearly.


Queen of Cups: Seek a body of water (or an otherwise tranquil place) and meditate. Open your heart and mind.

King of Cups: What are all these yearnings you have? Sharpen your instincts, listen closely to your hunches, and question your temptations.

Knight of Cups: Don't be cynical or superstitious now — allow yourself to dream, and hope, and feel fully.

Page of Cups: Say what's been on your mind (or in your heart). Nothing is going to be any different until you do.

Ace of Cups: True love is on the horizon. You know what (or who) it is you want, so open yourself up to let it happen.

2 of Cups: Today you need to think about how to deal with strong emotions, as they are inevitable, and will not disappear. Instead, manage them.

3 of Cups: Don't avoid saying what you want to say because you think someone will react too emotionally. It will go better than you think.

4 of Cups: Consider your feelings and then take a break from them. Don't wear yourself looking for the answer; your gut is speaking plainly already.

5 of Cups: A new beginning, for which you have waited a long time, is finally here. Don't run in fear.

6 of Cups: A recognition that you may no longer be a child, but it is still OK (and good) to let yourself feel like one sometimes.

7 of Cups: You may feel overwhelmed by possibilities — your task now is to ask which of these brings you the most excitement and joy.

8 of Cups: A reminder that there is a time for everything. Each little step and stumbling block along the way there is important.

9 of Cups: Of all the people asking things of and from you, the most important one you can say "yes" to is yourself.

10 of Cups: Do not be afraid of powerful emotions and big dreams and sometimes-necessary conflict.


Queen of Swords: Like the queen, hold yourself upright — let go of fears and open yourself up to love.

King of Swords: Don't be tempted by cold manipulation or willful indifference. Stay with what moves you genuinely.

Knight of Swords: Don't fall back on supposed "rules" or guidelines as an excuse for not doing what you need and want to do.

Page of Swords: Be innovative and unconventional in your thinking, and don't fall for anyone's "shortcut."

Ace of Swords: A day of epiphanies big and small — embrace this moment of awareness and use it to heal old wounds.

2 of Swords: Look inside yourself — use the mind's eye — and go beyond the obvious solutions. Use your imagination.

3 of Swords: You can't heal your wounds without proper treatment. Take care of yourself today.

4 of Swords: Give yourself a break. Take a day off soon, if you can. You have a lot going on and you need some time to process.

5 of Swords: There is significance in triumph, but also in loss and disaster — use your intellect to help you find what that is.

6 of Swords: You're likely to have a difference of opinion today. Try to get to the bottom of it with honesty and graciousness.

7 of Swords: A reminder that just because something's always been done a certain way doesn't mean that way is right or best.

8 of Swords: The beginning of a transformation — a move to hole yourself away and get ready for a change.

9 of Swords: You are cocooned away like a caterpillar, waiting to emerge as a butterfly. In this time of separation, strengthen your patience and trust.

10 of Swords: A halt to old ways, and a brand new path forward. You are like the newly born butterfly, ready to spread its wings.


Queen of Pentacles: Do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do. This is the way to success.

King of Pentacles: You need to get a better handle on your finances. Cover the basics, and then consider what you can do with any leftovers.

Knight of Pentacles: Remember that nothing is every truly wasted. Forgive yourself for making mistakes.

Page of Pentacles: Today is the perfect day for an adventure. Head outside with $20 and a map and see what you can find.

Ace of Pentacles: A call to recognize your true calling in life. What is it your talents want you to do?

2 of Pentacles: You are feeling shaky and insecurity after recent changes, but you must accept them in order to move forward.

3 of Pentacles: Everyone has various "peaks" or mountains to climb. In order to reach yours, ask what the world wants from you.

4 of Pentacles: It's OK to turn down that party or social outing and stay in. Take some time for yourself and your needs.

5 of Pentacles: When you work alone, you can accomplish a great deal, but when you work with others, your efforts are multiplied.

6 of Pentacles: When you think about ways to make things better for people you care about, you'll often find you're making things better for yourself, too.

7 of Pentacles: Consider any recent hardships or stumbling blocks you have faced, and look there for signs as to the right course of action.

8 of Pentacles: Don't be a pawn in someone else's game. Do what's important to YOU, and trust in your own self-sufficiency.

9 of Pentacles: Stop being so restless and withdrawn! Sit down, and sit still, and take a moment to really look around you.

10 of Pentacles: Make an effort to work with your surroundings and the people in them, rather than daydreaming about distant futures.

(Some interpretations adapted from The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot)

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