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UFO Terrorizes San Diego With Series Of Slow Blinks

What the heck are these lights?

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In a YouTube video uploaded over the weekend, a cluster of red, white, and purple lights can be seen floating over southwest San Diego.

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NBC 7 San Diego reported that the lights were captured last Tuesday evening by one of the station's photographers, who was in the area covering an unrelated story. The station also received footage from San Diego resident Larry Fox, who said he spotted the lights near the Coronado Bridge while out in his backyard. Fox said the lights were stationary, and therefore unlikely to be caused by a plane or drone.

The station received several other phone calls from witnesses, who said they observed the cluster of lights changing colors (some seeing red, blue, and green) and flashing.

Here's a segment from the footage:

Some who saw the lights suggested they might be a reflection of the blinking red tower light seen below, but others note that the timing of the pulses doesn't match up, and that there are a number of other lights that can be seen as well.

And here's a closer look.

NBC 7 has contacted the military for possible answers but has not yet reported on a response.

Popular theories as to what might be responsible for the lights include:

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