This Is Your Reminder That Narwhals Are Real And That's Crazy


    This is a narwhal. You may remember him from the 2003 film Elf.

    Here's the full scene in question, as a reminder:

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    Perhaps you, too, saw this (or see it now), and thought, That is a crazy-ass idea for a mythical creature. It is like a unicorn and a manatee had a baby and they put it in this film.

    Well, YouTube commenter Andrew Collins has a question for all of us.



    It is SHOCKINGLY easy to go 20–25 years into this life not knowing that narwhals are real. For one, the internet is littered with images like these.

    You could see this adorable little one that someone crocheted.

    And this one made out of...chicken bacon.

    ...and never know...that they are actually...REAL.

    Here's a real one just chilling in its natural habitat.

    And here is a pack of them!

    This is how big Wikipedia says they are compared to human divers.

    So there you go.