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15 Things You'll Get If You Have Ridiculously Hot Friends

Life isn't fair.

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1. When your friend is the first thing people ask you about.

As a woman, there's nothing I love talking about more than where my hot friend went and if she's coming back.

2. When you've gotten so close, but are still so far.

Cartoon Network

3. When you can't compete with genetics.

When your friend is hot af and you're there just like ...

4. When you get hit with that Instagram tag and you know it won't be good.

Instagram: @batesyy92

5. When your crush texts you and says...this.

6. And when the next person you get a crush on does it too.

When your crush comes up to you and asks "Who's your hot friend!?"

7. When it's promposal season.

When everyone is getting asked to prom and you're just like

8. When they start in way too early.

it's 10AM don't come at me with requests for me to hook you up with my hot friends

9. After you scroll through your hot friends' Instagrams.

when u feel cute af but ur selfies won't cooperate

10. And when you give up.

11. When your friend asks you to hang out and then the S.O. is there too.

12. When your friend is an IRL Snapchat hot filter.

Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

13. When you don't have any weekend plans at the moment, thanks for asking.

#GrowingUpUgly When all ur friends are talking about all the guys that keep hitting on them and ur sitting there like

14. When you gotta find a way to stand out somehow.

This is my favorite thing on the internet right now

15. When you're as proud as you are jealous.

um no offense but my friends are so hot

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