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The 13 Best Ghosts Of 2014

The hottest and most popular spirits of the year, all in one place.

13. The Security Cam Ghost

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This ghost, spotted by on-duty police officer Karl Romero and literally reported to his supervisors, is not very good. At first he is a gray speck you can barely see, and then he is a gray speck you see only slightly better. He sucks.

12. The Bolton Pub Ghost Getting Proper Off His Pickle

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Because it is presumably British, this ghost spotted in the window of a pub in Churchgate is automatically cooler than some, but he's not particularly interesting or well-formed. He is mostly a glitch-y flash.

11. The Ghost That Just Threw A Glass Cake Tray For No Reason

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Pros: 100% transparency; spunky attitude.

Cons: Insufficiently evil-seeming.

10. The Argentine Soccer Ghost

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The best thing about this ghost — eerily running around the pitch in similar size/direction to at least one of the players around him, almost as if it were a shadow — is the anchorwoman who yells (in Spanish), "It's naked!!!!"

9. The Bolivian Soccer Ghost

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Pretty much just like the Argentine soccer ghost, but a little better.

8. The Bad Nanny Ghost

Mercury Press & Media Ltd

This picture allegedly shows the ghost of a nanny who haunts the house, unable to recover from her guilt over a child who died (by falling out of a tree) under her charge during WWII. Good backstory for a ghost who is not extremely photogenic.

7. The Ghost Just Thinkin' About Life Outside Parliament

Barcroft Media /Landov JULES ANNAN

While this ghost was technically out and about on New Year's Eve 2013, we're including him here because he wasn't spotted until the photographer developed his film a few days later. For a ghost he's a bit emo (and a little touristy, honestly), but he's wearing modern clothes, which is a nice change of pace from your standard sepia-toned three-piece suit.

6. The Ghost Still Serving Time At Alcatraz

Sheila Sillery-Walsh/News Dog Media

This picture, taken by a couple visiting the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary (off the coast of San Francisco), seems to show the image of a young girl staring back through the window. Fairly high marks here because shuttered prison ghosts are one of the best forms of historical ghost.

5. The Demi Lovato Stan Ghost

This maniacal ghost face who watched a Demi Lovato show from side-stage earlier this year gets a strong rating from us because it's important for ghosts to have contemporary hobbies.

4. The Ghost That Stood In The Doorway Of An Irish Mansion In Broad Daylight

Twitter: @MetroUK

This ghost (or, depending on how you feel about the head in the lower right corner, ghosts) was photographed outside an Irish mansion in the middle of the day. Brazen. Edgy. Chic.

3. The Ghost That Had Sex With Natasha Blasick

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According to actress Natasha Blasick (known for such films as Paranoid Activity 2 and Gorilla Island), this ghost is prettyyyyy good at sex, which is inarguably cool. We're only sorry we can't see him. ;)

2. The Washing Machine Ghost Cat

Flickr: 33037982@N04 / Creative Commons

(Actual ghost cat not pictured.) In November, a very stressed young man posted a desperate plea to Reddit: "THERE IS A FUCKING CAT HAUNTING MY FUCKING WASHING MACHINE AND I WANT IT TO GTFO... HOW DO YOU EXORCIZE [sic] A CAT?? IS THERE A WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE FELINE UNDEAD???" There is perhaps no better use of one's time as a ghost cat than haunting a redditor's washing machine. A+.

1. The Selfie Photobomb Ghost

Ghostly photobomb! Selfie clicked at a bar went viral when people noticed a 'ghost' in it

IBNLive Buzz@IBNLiveBuzzFollow

Ghostly photobomb! Selfie clicked at a bar went viral when people noticed a 'ghost' in it

10:50 PM - 02 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

Selfies and photobombs were undeniably big in 2014; no ghost is more on trend than one who manages to incorporate both and look terrifying af to boot. That's why we've selected the Selfie Photobomb Ghost as the Hottest and Best Ghost of 2014. Congrats.

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