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    Texas Man Late To Work Because Of Chupacabra

    At least that's what he could have said.

    While driving to work yesterday morning, a man spotted and took photos of what he claimed was a chupacabra, just outside Houston, Texas.

    Chupacabra, Spanish for "goat-sucker," is a cryptid spotted in various parts of the world (but often the American South) since 1995, when the first sightings were reported in Puerto Rico. According to legend, the creature drinks the blood of goats (among other animals).

    Chupacabras are commonly believed to look like especially thin and mangy dogs or coyotes. Usually, creatures initially reported as chupacabras are later said (by wildlife experts and scientists) to be especially thin and mangy dogs or coyotes.

    The photographs in question were taken by self-proclaimed "chupacabra hunter" Justin Farris.

    Shown here, by the camera panning up from his feet to his head for some reason.

    Farris also claims to have shot a chupacabra in Texas seven years ago.

    By the end of the news segment, the percentage of poll respondents who said they believe in or could be convinced of the chupacabra's existence had dropped to 2%, but at times hovered in the 20-30 range.

    Farris, for one, remains convinced.

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