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17 Dogs Who Can't Believe Christmas Is Over Already

Next Christmas is only seven dog years away...

1. This good boy who got sad as soon as the last present was unwrapped.

2. This sweetheart who doesn't want to go to bed, because then Christmas is over.

3. This lil guy, who is going to protect that tree for as many days after Christmas as he can.

4. This fuzzy-head who woke up all excited and then remembered: it isn't Christmas.

5. This sweetheart who is sad her parents have to go back to work today.

6. This fuzzball who has severe post-Christmas blues.

7. This guy who's so sad Christmas is over he doesn't even want to look at you.

8. This puppy who isn't ready to put his Christmas clothes back into storage.

9. This grumpy guy who can't believe how fast it all went by.

10. This princess who doesn't want to take off her special holiday bow.

11. And this guy who REALLY isn't about to let you take down that tree.

12. This pup who is pissed he doesn't get any presents today.

13. This sweetheart who misses Santa Claus already.

14. This gentleman giving the Monday after Christmas some serious side-eye.

15. This cutie who CANNOT. BELIEVE. He has to wait another YEAR.

16. This boy who wants to wear his reindeer costume to bed all week to keep the spirit alive.

17. And this doggy who wants to sleep now and wake up next Christmas.

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