Here Is What Amanda Bynes’s Unclaimed $10,000 Grill Looks Like

The actress had the grill made custom by jeweler Ben Baller a few months ago but hasn’t been able to claim it due to being placed on psychiatric hold.

1. This past summer, Amanda Bynes requested a custom grill from Ben Baller (a jeweler who has created custom pieces for a number of celebrities). The grill cost $10,000 and is rose gold with pink diamond insets.

On his Instagram, Baller notes that he has “tried for months” to deliver the item to Bynes, but has been unable to do so. He asks his followers: “Should I auction these off to charity?” It is not yet known what will become of this creation.

2. How does Bynes’s grill stack up against those commissioned by other white female stars? Compare and contrast, below.

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