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    Aug 3, 2015

    Do You Think You're Psychic?

    Tell us all about it.

    We all have someone we think of when we hear the word "psychic."

    Psychic Readers Network

    Miss Cleo, John Edwards, the Long Island Medium — the word calls to mind neon store windows and dramatic, emotional reveals about dead ancestors.

    But what about the times when YOU'VE felt like you were maybe, possibly, just a little bit psychic?


    Perhaps it's something small/mundane, like always knowing what people are going to be wearing before you see them.

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    Maybe you saw a stranger and got the sense they'd figure into your life in some way, and then they did.

    Universal Pictures

    Or maybe you once had a weirdly vivid and realistic dream only to later have it come true.


    Either way, we want to know: when was the last time you ~predicted the future~ ?

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    Tell us in the comments below.

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