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    Google Earth Allegedly Captured A UFO And Alien Head

    It's definitely something!

    UFO spotter Scott Waring recently uploaded this video to YouTube, showing what he says is a Google Earth image that inadvertently captured a UFO โ€” and an alien sticking out from it.

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    Waring writes that he became aware of the alleged craft after the image was sent to him by someone in Newfoundland, who noticed the object while looking at the Trout Creek, Montana area on Google Earth.

    There it is!

    But it gets better! More than just the craft, Waring claims that the photo shows an actual alien head. He writes:

    I investigated it and took a few screenshots which revealed something that was not first apparent...there is an alien head sticking out from the UFO! Look carefully at the shading and curvature around the head and you will know its real. I am just blown away that we have real proof of alien with this photo.

    Real proof! We did it!!!!

    Google Earth / Via

    The setup here is concerning to me. I'm not an engineer, but I feel like they could fall out of the ship at any moment sticking out of it like that. Then again, they've been showing up on distantly shot YouTube videos and grainy Google Earth screenshots for years without us ever catching them, so I'm sure they know what they're doing.

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