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29 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Ghosting You

Why isn't he texting you back?

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1. He doesn't return any of your texts.

2. He won't return your texts even if it's really important.

3. He's stopped sending you emails.

4. His instant messenger has been idle for days.

5. You're 100% sure he's blocked you on Gchat.

6. He seems to be avoiding all the places you guys used to go together.

7. When you leave him a voicemail that says "Why aren't you answering any of my texts?" he doesn't call you back.

8. When you call him to leave another voicemail, his inbox is full.

9. He just DOESN'T SHOW UP to your monthly board game party even though he said he'd be there and was supposed to bring the bean dip.

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10. No one has seen him in weeks.

11. When you call him at work, his co-worker tells you, "He's no longer with us."

12. You find his key to your apartment in the center of the mat outside your front door.

13. When you walk by his apartment, the windows are boarded up.

14. When you're at home by yourself you feel a presence like someone is watching you.

15. When you try calling him again, someone picks up, but all you hear is a faint whisper.

16. You wake up in the middle of the night to see what looks like the outline of his body standing at the foot of your bed, but then it's gone.

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17. When you get home, you notice a single white rose resting on your bed. You have no idea how it got there, and when you pick it up, you feel a chill.

18. Each time you put on the sweatshirt he left at your apartment, the TV turns on and blasts static.

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19. After months of not hearing from him, you finally get a text from him! But it's just garbled nonsense and the time stamp is "6:66."

20. On your next board game night there's a mystery bowl of bean dip that no one brought.

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21. When you look in your bathroom mirror you see what looks like the image of his face but then it just turns into the face of a demon and then explodes into dust.

22. You take a shower and a handprint (his?) appears in the fogged-over glass of the door.

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23. When you pick up the necklace he gave you it turns white-hot and you drop it so you don't get burned.

24. Sometimes when you're all alone in your building's elevator you smell his cologne.

25. A box of stuff you left at his apartment appears on your doorstep, but when you go to open it, it bursts into flames.

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26. You hear footsteps from another room then suddenly you feel someone gently tuck your hair behind your ear but NO ONE IS IN THE ROOM and then a door slams and your hear a voice whisper your name.

27. Your neighbor tells you she saw a guy inside your apartment who also happened to evaporate into a fine mist.

28. You receive an unmarked envelope in the mail and open it to find an aged newspaper clipping about a terrible accident that happened decades ago. You're not sure, but one of the men in the picture looks a little like your boyfriend…

29. You go to his parents' house to ask about him, and when his mother answers the door, she tells you he's been gone for thirty years.

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