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    Ghost Stands In Door Of Haunted Mansion In Broad Daylight Like "Whatever"

    I mean it's her house.

    A few days ago, a spooOOOooky photograph taken by a young man named Thomas Beavis began drawing media attention.

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    The picture was taken outside Loftus Hall (a mansion in Wexford, Ireland) which many consider to be haunted.

    Beavis, who says he took the photo upon leaving the mansion after a tour with friends, later noticed what appears to be a ghostly figure of a young girl, along with the head of an old woman, in the doorway of the mansion. Just standing there! For anyone to see!

    Local legend surrounding the mansion holds that the Tottenham family, who moved in around 1766, had a young daughter named Anne who "fell ill after an encounter with a demonic spirit." Stories say she was later kept locked in one of the mansion's rooms.

    Was the ghost of a little girl photographed in this notorious haunted mansion?


    Was the ghost of a little girl photographed in this notorious haunted mansion?

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    Here's a zoomed-in view:

    The "young girl" is on the left, and the "old woman's head" on the right.

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    Many (if not most) of the people who see this photograph will notice certain similarities between the pose of the girl ghost and that of the living human woman seen on the left side of the frame; Beavis thought this might explain the figure at first, too: "At first glance the holidaymaker thought it was someone’s reflection, but on closer inspection he noticed that the suspected ghost is looking the opposite way to those outside the house."

    I don't know that I personally can speak to the vantage point of a ghost, but it DOES look like she (Anne) is wearing an old-timey dress. But maybe that's just what I want the possible-ghost of an 18th-century demon-possessed Irish girl to be wearing.