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Posted on Sep 24, 2015

18 Things Only People Who Believe In Astrology Will Understand

Sorry I can't hang out, Mercury's in retrograde.

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1. You present the traits of your sign as indisputable and unchangeable facts about yourself.


I'm SUCH a Gemini.

2. And you tend to treat your flaws as inevitable byproducts of your cosmic destiny.

Carousel Productions

Look, it's not MY fault I'm tactless. I'm a Sagittarius.

3. When you find someone else born under your sign and you want to be friends about it, but they don't ~believe~.


But we're so alike, probably!!!

4. You CANNOT deal when your Susan Miller horoscope is a day (or three) late.


What am I supposed to do, just LIVE my LIFE???

5. When you go back over your horoscope from the previous month and notice which days line up with the predictions.


(It doesn't matter if some/most of them don't. You notice the ones that DO.)

6. You have an enemy sign (or two), whom you avoid like the plague.


*hisses under breath* Scorpios.

7. When your horoscope says you'll be flush with cash that month so you get a little carried away.


Hopefully you'll be flush next month too???

8. And when your horoscope tells you to avoid social interaction on a particular date, you stay in that night just to be safe.


Better to just not risk it.

9. When anything bad happens to anyone you know during Mercury Retrograde, you're super smug about it.


I TOLD you to watch out.

10. When you find out your crush's sign and your sign are astrologically compatible, you take it as a VERY good sign.

The WB

I mean, it's just fate.

11. And if your signs aren't compatible, then you just use your rising signs and don't tell anyone.

12. Your friends are used to your apartment's unique design aesthetic.

13. When your friends ask for cosmic advice, you sign your texts with the most magical of emoji: 🔮 (and ✨, too).

14. Sometimes you'll even check your pet's horoscope, just to see if they're really mad at you.

15. Since your horoscope frequently mentions travel, you're always packed and ready for anything.

16. And whenever anything bizarre goes down...

17. won't be surprised in the slightest. Because after all...

18. was fate, and you totally saw it coming!

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