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    8 Ways Friendship Is Different At Ages 18, 25, And 30


    1. Where you and your friends hang out:

    At 18: In the general vicinity of your school.

    At 25: The bar. YOUR bar.

    At 30: At each other's apartments.

    2. How you communicate:

    At 18: Snapchat.

    At 25: Texting.

    At 30: Slack (or other form of "work" chatroom).

    3. What you talk about:

    At 18: College.

    At 25: What to do with your life.

    At 30: No, really, what should you do with your life?

    4. What you fight about:

    At 18: Petty shit.

    At 25: Things you said when you were drunk.

    At 30: Not much. And you're usually over it pretty quickly.

    5. Drinking:

    At 18: Definitely no drinking happening here!

    At 25: Booze. So much booze.

    At 30: You drink the same amount, but more of it is wine now.

    6. What you eat:

    At 18: Whatever fast-food restaurant is closest.

    At 25: Brunch and hangover food.

    At 30: Home-cooked-dinner parties.

    7. When you hang out:

    At 18: Every single day.

    At 25: Every weekend, most of the weekend.

    At 30: Twice a month, if you're lucky.

    8. How many people you think of as your good friends:

    At 18: Between 8 and 25 people.

    At 25: You've got a tight-knit group of four or five.

    At 30: Mostly just the one best one.