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37 Reasons Nick Miller Is The Perfect Crush

We're not yet sure how he'll do as an actual boyfriend, but New Girl's Nick Miller is definitely an AMAZING crush.

1. He likes to look presentable (sometimes).

2. He knows how to give a compliment.

3. He's strong, but not (usually) showy about it.

4. Basically he's just good with his hands.

5. He's secure in his sexuality.

6. And his body! (Mostly.)

7. He ages like a fine wine.

8. He's entertaining, but doesn't need to be the center of attention.

9. He's good with anatomy.

10. ... sort of.

11. He's an engaged user of The Web.

12. He's laid-back and low-maintenance.

13. He likes to interact with nature.

14. He's realistic, but not overly cynical.

15. He understands what you mean when you say you couldn't get the pillow quite right.

16. He loves his mama.

17. He's got a GREAT eye-roll.

18. Arguing with him makes you mad, but in a really, really great way.

19. He knows his limitations ...

20. But he'll do what he needs to do to cheer you up.

21. He's a super fun drinking buddy.

22. Like, SUPER fun.

23. He's got a group of close, loyal guy friends.

24. He likes assertive women.

25. He understands how easily a little thing can ruin your whole day.

26. He isn't afraid to show his emotions.

27. He isn't afraid to show his emotions AT ALL.

28. He's confident (but not cocky).

29. He's supportive of your hobbies.

30. He's adventurous and likes to try new things.

31. He knows how to make a smooth exit.

32. He makes mistakes, but he does his best to make it up to you.

33. He's a nice guy without being a Nice Guy.

34. He kisses like .... he kisses like ...

35. He kisses like a DAMN DREAM.

36. He ... uhhhhh ...

37. And finally, everything that's going on here.