10 Ways To Seduce Jess Day

If you’re Nick Miller that is. Spoilers for this week’s New Girl episode.

1. Take your job seriously.

Apparently Nick takes bar-tending seriously now? And said serious responsibilities seriously turn Jess on.

ID: 998476

And you will get day-dreaming, lip-biting gazes.

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2. Know how to do your laundry.

There’s a separate compartment for the soap u guise!

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3. And mention it’s natural corollary.

ID: 998500

And you will get a starring role in dirty thoughts AND shame filled rage.

ID: 998511

4. Compliment an average, everyday outfit.

A very, very, very plain and normal dress compared to Jess Day’s usual affinity for flair. (Still obviously stunning though).

ID: 998523

And the lust running (away) will commence.

ID: 998528

5. Gently remove fallen eyelashes.

ID: 998530

And you will get putty in your hands.


ID: 998532

6. Mention that you might actually take care of yourself.

Apparently Nick’s also eating salad now? As an entire meal?

ID: 998546

And you will get the Lord’s name in vain.


ID: 998574

7. Pull chain manfully in a hardware store.

Nope, not a euphemism.

ID: 998596

And you will get an actual A/C fueled mandatory cool down.

ID: 998598

8. Have a bubble belly.

ID: 998606

And you will get an epic declaration of, er, lust?

ID: 998607

9. DO NOT introduce her as a ‘room friend’ to the girl you’re sleeping with.

Who you failed to mention you were sleeping with.

Bad. Job. Miller.

ID: 998623

Because you will get a genuinely pissed off walk away.


ID: 998626

10. But when all else fails: Just lay it all on the line.

Woah. Whoa. Woah.

ID: 998636

Because you will probably get a very sincere answer.

ID: 998660

A very nice, sincere answer.

ID: 998676

Don’t be concerned if the nice part of that goes away quickly though.

ID: 998677

Like really quickly.

ID: 998678

Just remember,

ID: 998679

If you accidentally ruin everything anyway.

ID: 998680

There’s always still hope.

ID: 998681


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