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Posted on Jun 8, 2014

30 Things Only Minnesotans Will Understand

Oh jeez.

1. This surrender.

2. This polite amendment.

3. This mac & cheese variety.

4. This vending machine.

5. This souvenir T-shirt joke.

6. This L.A. Dodgers player in Target Field. In May.

7. This collection of Tinder profiles.

8. This Easter challenge.

9. This grocery item.

10. And this one.

11. This highway ad.

12. This sign.

13. "Fair."

14. This crocheted baby hat.

15. This graffiti.

16. This living will.

17. This butter sculpture of Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

18. This suspicious activity.

19. This turn of events.

20. This parking sign.

21. This wine chilling hack.

22. This "I don't want to comment, but" comment.

23. This hot dish.

24. This helpful sign.

25. This tourist attraction.

26. This newspaper headline.

27. This shop.

28. This personals ad.

29. This toy truck improvisation.

30. This band practice.

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