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23 Reasons You Wish Danny Castellano Were Your Boyfriend

The dancingggggg. Among other reasons you're totally in love with The Mindy Project's babeliest grump.

1. He's a completely lovable crank.

2. His smiles may be rare, but they are genuine, magnificent gifts.

3. He knows that TV time is no time for deep conversation.

4. He's thought about emoji, and he's got some opinions.

5. He's going to make a great dad and/or babysitter for your friends' kids.

6. He'll only get in a physical altercation if it's really, really important.

7. You know he's not going to suddenly sail away or take up surfing in midlife crisis.

8. He's a loyal, unwavering friend.

9. He's not too proud to let himself be carried by another man.

10. He's a (wise, correct) sports fan.

11. He may be a natural homebody, but he'll spiff himself up if you ask nicely.

12. He's got a delicate touch with the frosting bag.

13. He will come over and build your Ikea furniture for you.

14. He's not too cool to let it show when he's a little scared.

15. He always makes sure to check in with his mom.

16. He's a secret sweetheart.

17. He's a great motivator.

18. He's totally (almost) ready to listen.

19. When he hugs you it's like being wrapped up in a compact and sexy cocoon.

20. He's always just a little bit sweaty. (From being so hot. Haha.)

21. He does rumpled/masculinized work attire better than ANYone.

22. He is an inexplicably sexy dancer.

23. Actually yeah let's just watch that whole thing again, and again.

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And againnnnn, forever, until we are all turned to dust.