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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    21 Things Every Girl Who Loves Winter Will Understand


    1. You know that layering makes accessorizing so much easier and so much more fun.

    2. October hits and you turn into a one-woman Pier 1 Imports.

    3. You're engaged in constant thermostat battle with your roommates who are always freezing.

    4. You have infinitely better hair days (hoods for protection, and NO HUMIDITY.)

    5. You can't wait to bust out the perfect form of pajama: the ONESIE.

    6. If you knit, your holiday shopping is already done.

    7. And who can forget festive leggings and tights?!

    8. Winter is peak bedtime season, and you know how to make the most of it.

    9. You incorporate hot chocolate into your daily, nutritious, balanced meal plan.

    10. You have to try VERY HARD to get your cold-fearing friends to share your seasonal joy.

    11. You pull out your warmest coat about a month too early because you're just too excited.

    12. You love the semi-cheesy but very satisfying act of catching snowflakes on your tongue.

    13. You start snowball fights with people and quickly remember that a lot of people don't like snowball fights.

    14. You know to stock up on red wine. What a great time for lots and lots of red wine!

    15. You break plans to stay in and relax in cozy loungewear.

    16. You take extra pictures because your cheeks are all nice and naturally rosy.

    17. You look forward to pulling the ol' ice skates out of storage.

    18. You run outside like a little kid every time it snows.

    19. And you make your friends wait while you make snow angels.

    20. Or, if you don't have snow, you do the next best thing.

    21. You feel personally targeted by Starbucks holiday lattes.

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