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21 Signs You Used To Work Retail

*Casually neatens pile of sweaters*

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1. You feel a deep, sorrowful pity each time you walk into a fitting room and see this:

(And #blessed you no longer have to pick it up.)

2. And when you try on clothes with friends, you make them put *everything* back.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

3. Your multitasking skills are unmatched.

USA / Via

4. You'll never walk into a store 10 minutes before close ever again.

New Line Cinema / Via

5. A perfectly neat and correctly sized wall display gives you a small, tingly pleasure.

6. And if you see this in a store while you're shopping, you're straightening it up.

You might not work here anymore but you can't help yourself.

7. You know exactly what to say to politely — but firmly — turn down the store's credit card offer.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You know alllllll the tricks in that book.

8. You can tolerate standing on your feet for much, much longer than most people.

(Until you can't.)

9. And you can take a power nap pretty much anywhere.

10. You always take hangers off the clothes you want to buy before handing them to the cashier.

Disney / Via

Just to make it a liiiittle easier.

11. You're horrified every time you hear a customer berate a cashier in front of a long line.

12. Sometimes you wake up way too early from phantom missed alarms.

ABC / Via

Is it holiday sale day????? ... Wait.

13. Your booze tolerance has yet to drop back to average human levels.

14. You can quickly calculate what your purchases would have cost you if you still had that employee discount ...

... and it breaks your heart a little you don't still have it.

15. You still get periodic cravings for the mall food you ate on breaks.

16. If you try to say something nice to a current retail worker and they're not having it, you feel personally betrayed.

ABC Family / Via

Don't you know I'm ON YOUR TEAM?

17. You miss your label gun a little bit.

18. You can fake-cheerfully greet ANYONE under ANY circumstances.

NBC / Via

19. You have a name tag stockpile at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Cleaning up my car and I think I "lost my name tag" more than one too many times #RetailProblems

Rodrigo Gomez@ItsRodrigoGomezFollow

Cleaning up my car and I think I "lost my name tag" more than one too many times #RetailProblems

10:51 AM - 05 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

20. You'll never ever ever ever do Black Friday again. Ever.

21. And you can still (kind of! a little!) miss the giddy camaraderie of all-night inventory shifts.

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