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    19 Struggles All Tall Girls Know Too Well

    "Omg you're so tall are you a model?" "Have you seen my face?"

    1. I'm sorry, but no.

    I hate when ppl buy me pants You dont know me You dont know my inseam You dont know what i've been through

    2. Tfw you enter a room.

    me with my squad rolling through #growinguptall

    3. The pain of sitting in literally any car/train/bus/plane seat.

    #growinguptall never being able to sit in the back comfortably

    4. The danger is real.

    Short ppl are lucky they don't have to worry about being like beheaded by low ceiling fans

    5. You can't help it if you can't see that far down.

    i was in the elevator and this rly tall girl i know walked in and i was like "hi" and she looked so startled and sa…

    6. You can do whatever you want.

    7. And you have a NAME, thanks.

    Being called "the tall girl" instead of your name #tallgirlproblems

    8. When you find that 35-inch inseam.

    #GrowingUpTall when I finally find jeans that are long

    9. When you can't help but feel jealous.

    10. When your Google history is very specific.

    11. When you've heard it one too many times.

    12. When you thought it went without saying.

    13. When the emoji doesn't represent you.

    Petition to make a giraffe emoji: retweet for your signature to be added #GiraffeEmoji

    14. When you get to the shoe sale 20 minutes after it starts.

    15. When you plot your revenge.

    16. When you're invited to the sleepover.

    17. When the privacy door isn't so private.

    18. When they say "knee-high" and you're like "lol."

    19. When you're like, thanks, but...

    #GrowingUpTall "Omg you're so tall are you a model?" Have you seen my face?

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