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    19 Signs You're An Incurable Perfectionist

    I'm so sorry, let me just reread this email ooooone more time.

    1. You have close, personal relationships with your organizer and your Google calendar.

    2. You have a hard time multitasking, because doing so means everything isn't getting your FULL attention.

    3. This is you when you have to read an email full of typos and misspellings.

    4. And this is you when someone you had plans with is late.

    5. This GIF gives you a small panic attack.

    6. So do these frames.

    7. And this loose-leaf crisis.

    8. You really prefer not to leave the house until you feel you look FLAWLESS.

    9. Your hair mood is specific, delicate, temperamental.

    10. This is a statement you'll never be heard saying.

    11. You feel like you really "get" Jillian Michaels.

    12. You're more likely to miss a deadline making something "perfect" than to turn something you think is crappy in on time.

    13. In some ways, in your opinion, is this not worse than an F?

    14. Your friends are hesitant to ask you to get involved in the planning for any group events/trips, because you'

    15. You're your own harshest critic.

    16. You, whenever you make a small mistake (messing up a nail! missing a recipe ingredient!), because you know you have to start over again.

    17. It's hard for you to work in groups because the impulse to take over everything yourself is STRONG.

    18. You don't like games/sports/activities you're not SURE you're good at.

    19. You've self-ironed. More than once.