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19 Side Effects Of Majoring In Political Science

Do you want to talk about 2016 election prospects? No??

1. You have Constitution/Founding Father-related jokes you try to explain to your non-poli-sci friends.

2. You love a good national security policy presidential debate zinger.

3. When you told your extended family you "weren't sure" what to do with your degree, and you always knew what they'd say.

4. It's complicated for you to describe how you feel about The West Wing.

5. This is what your refrigerator/bag/laptop/car/walls look like.

6. You've got perfectly fine reasons for not going out on the weekends.

7. You remember the first time you were assigned Foucault.

8. And now you reference him constantly. Sometimes even correctly.

9. You feel like you need coffee more than everyone else, because you're in politics, but really everyone needs coffee. But not as much as you.

10. Your reaction when your student group/sports team/Greek organization/work department needs a new president.

11. You have debate parties largely just as an excuse to do lots of this.

12. The Daisy Girl ad is forever imprinted into your brain.

13. Your email inbox is 60% petitions.

14. You've figured out a good non-engagement/unsubscribe-from-feed policy for certain friends/family around election time.

15. You have at least one story about meeting a politician and being totally starstruck.

16. You get a sick joy from hate-watching the weeknight pundit talk shows.

17. You know most opinion polls are total garbage (BUT THEY WON'T STOP COMING).

18. You have opinions on who the best presidential biographers are.

19. And this is your face when a friend tells you they probably won't vote.

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