19 Reasons "Broad City" Has The Best Friendship On TV

Comedy Central’s Broad City features two best friends, Abbi and Ilana, who have the kind of best friendship you’ve always wanted.

1. Abbi and Ilana on Broad City are having the BEST time being best friends with each other.

2. They’ll play it cool whenever one of them is embarrassing herself in front of a cute guy.

3. They’re totally obsessed with each other, and only sometimes in a creepy way.

4. Their Skype game is dedicated and on-point.

No amount of vomiting can get in the way.

5. They’re compatible and coordinated, but they each bring their own strengths to their friendship.

6. Like Abbi’s ability to make a quick, sly exit.

7. And Ilana’s knack for corresponding mottos and hand symbols.

These are the in-jokes upon which true friendship is formed.

8. They’re always ready to She’s-All-That each other (i.e. offer tips to instantaneously improve the other’s appearance, even though they’re already perfect).

9. They are partners in sometimes quite literal crime.

10. They will steal a coat full of office supplies for each other.

11. Whenever one of them gets into trouble, the other is going to be there too, because chances are she was equally responsible.

Misery loves BFFs.

12. They have each other’s backs in scary, fancy boutiques.

Everyone knows you can’t go in one of those places without backup.

13. They know how to turn around a mortifying night with class.

14. Theirs is the kind of friendship where if one of you says you want to play hooky, the other will say “That is a great idea,” and join you.

15. They are HERE for each other’s asses (and everything else).

In a recent episode, Ilana told Abbi they were the hottest girls at the party because they had the “fattest asses” there, and it was incredible.

16. When they want something (Lil Wayne tickets) they’ll go after it in every way they can think of (playing bucket drums in the park).

17. Sometimes the stuff they get up to together is super weird, but you always root for them because they’re a natural team.

18. What they do together (like getting high and buying candy) doesn’t always have to be exciting, because them just being together is the fun part.

19. They put each other first. ALWAYS.

Best of all, there’s a LOT MORE to come!!

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