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18 Times Shakira Was The Real MVP Of 2016

<3 you, Shaki.

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1. When she voiced the part of belly-dancing pop star Gazelle in Zootopia.

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And when she told the animators to give her bigger hips because she didn't want her to be too skinny.

2. When she wore pretty much the cutest dress ever to the Zootopia premiere.

Getty / Via Instagram

3. When she celebrated the 10-year (!!) anniversary of her mega-hit "Hips Don't Lie."

Instagram: @shakira

4. When she released "La Bicicleta," the first of two amazing singles to come out this year.

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5. And when she released "Chantaje," the second.

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6. And especially when she wore this, and danced like this, in the "Chantaje" video.

7. Yeah, actually, let's look at one more outtake from that video.

Instagram: @shakira

8. When the school she founded in 2009, Fundación Pies Descalzos, was named the number-one public school in Colombia.

.@Shakira celebrates her "Fundacion Pies Descalzos" being named No. 1 public school in Colombia…

9. When she won two Latin Grammys (song AND record of the year for "La Bicicleta").

Thanks to my fans for these two Grammys, @carlosvives, Afo Verde, my team, my angels Sasha and Milan and the love o…

10. When she tweeted a (photoshopped) picture of her walking a turkey on a leash in a grocery store in honor of Thanksgiving.

11. When she tweeted a (real!) photo of her walking a pig on a leash in a grocery store.

Qué nombre artístico se les ocurre para mi cerdito? / What stage name can you all think of for my piglet? Shak

12. When "La Bicicleta" was given official and very fun-looking Zumba choreography that *4,000* people did at once.

Instagram: @shakira

13. When her husband Gerard Piqué scored a goal for Spain and she posted this adorable picture of their son celebrating.

Instagram: @shakira

14. And when she posted this EVEN CUTER picture of her and her son moping in the exact same way.

Instagram: @shakira

15. When she wasn't afraid to make a political statement.

Choose hope. Choose hope. Choose HOPE. #imwithher

16. When she revealed the amount of work that goes into capturing a quality selfie.

Instagram: @shakira

17. When she showed us that having a pretty decent volley is among her many talents.

Instagram: @shakira

18. When she proved she is just as cute dancing in a T-shirt and backward baseball cap as in one of her belly-dancing outfits.

Instagram: @shakira

(Sidenote: HOW is this woman 39 years old??)

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