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18 Things Only Midwesterners Understand About Winter

Why do you have gloves on? It's 40 degrees out.

1. An intimate familiarity with the peculiar phenomenon of frozen lower-face sweat.

2. What do you mean 'snow day'? Our schools are only closing for one reason, and that reason is double-digit negative temperatures.

3. What walkable ice looks like vs. what "I'm going to fall right away" ice looks like.

4. How long it takes to wait out "I feel freezing" until you get to "I don't feel anything."

5. How and why this happens.

6. First neighbor up in the morning snow blows his/her driveway AND the neighbor's.

7. Feeling jealous of the warmer weather down south in Chicago.

8. "What's that whirring sound back in the woods??" - your friend from California.

9. It's never "too cold" for ice cream.

10. Winter does not start on December 21. Winter starts on Halloween.

11. Do. NOT. Leave home without this. Probably two of this.

12. This is NOT OKAY.

13. The blissful serenity of spending your weekend like this.

14. How to build a *LEGIT* snow fort.

15. "Breezy" is 27. "Mild" is 32.

16. This is not a "snow storm." This is "some snow."

17. *THIS* is a snow storm.

18. It's the best time of the year.