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    17 Ways To Show Your Sagittarius Pride

    Because archers rule.

    1. This delicate bow-and-arrow tattoo.

    2. Or this minimalist one.

    3. This adorable embroidery.

    4. This "explorer" pin, for your sign's wanderlust.

    5. This Sagittarius warrior arm cuff.

    6. This tiny, tiny Sag constellation.

    7. This simple, pretty art print.

    8. A candle specially suited to your Sagittarius nose.

    9. This Sag personality trait tote.

    10. This constellation stamped keychain.

    11. This optimistic tee.

    12. This precious signet ring.

    13. This tiny little personalized pipe.

    14. This beautiful, starry print.

    15. This cute and chic little cuff.

    16. This tee that pretty much sums up your typical brutal honesty.

    17. This gorgeous, timeless arrow.