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    Updated on Oct 30, 2018. Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    17 Times The Internet Nailed What It's Like Being A Scorpio

    Don't talk to me.

    1. On your intelligence.

    2. On playing nice with the other kids.

    3. On your, ah, passion.

    Scorpio pros: loves hard cons: will kill you

    4. On your aggressive crushing style.

    5. On your red-hot temper.

    "@ScorpioMystique: #ScorpiosBeLike ♏️️ " @ashleyluvsuxo sorry for all of this but 😂😂😂

    6. You when you get TOO real.

    True RT @ScorpioMystique: When #Scorpio is too honest with someone... #ScorpiosBeLike ♏️️

    7. On your sexual charisma.

    8. On what you do in your free time.

    Scorpio hobby: plotting to get revenge on somebody for something they don’t even realize they did

    9. On bonding

    10. On your possessiveness.

    11. You when you've got something to SAY, dammit.

    12. On your limited range of expressions.

    13. On knowing you look good.

    14. On your diehard independence.

    15. On your no-nonsense romance.

    16. On being forced to socialize.

    17. On not giving a shit what people think.

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