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Posted on Oct 14, 2015

17 Times The Internet Nailed What It's Like To Be A Pisces


1. On your anti-social tendencies.

2. On the emotional roller coaster.

3. On wondering what THAT meant.

4. On you trying to "get over it."

5. On the single life.

Can't find squat #Pisces #PiscesBeLike #PiscesGANG

6. On the not-so-nice stereotypes.

7. On your lurking mood swings.

8. On your patience levels.

9. On the artist who probably gets your ~feelings~ best.

10. On your trademark indecisiveness.

11. On your overactive brain.

12. On lying through your teeth.

13. On looking for your similarly introspective kindred spirits.

14. On feeling not only your own feelings, but everyone else's as well.

15. On your party habits.

16. On your life as a procrastinator.

17. On your own personal FAQ.

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