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Posted on Oct 13, 2015

17 Times The Internet Perfectly Summed Up Being A Gemini

The phrase "hot and cold" was invented for you.

1. On your hot-and-cold temperament.

2. On your sharp sense of humor.

Gemini pros: funny cons: everything else

3. On your feelings about exercise.

4. On your dramatic side.

Gemini hobby: confusing everybody around them by acting like a fucking psychopath

5. On your sour-but-sweet demeanor.

6. On your major case of resting bitch face.

7. On your wacky sleep schedule.

8. On the struggles of making new friends.

9. On that famous Gemini duality.

“@_xamazing_: #GeminisBeLike 😂😂 ”yessss OMG!!!!!!!

10. On your semi-clingy side.

11. On your least favorite phrase.

12. On telling it like it is.

13. On your no-fucks-given attitude.

14. On the struggle to find that Zen.

#GeminiAreUs , #GeminisWeAre , #GeminisBeLike --------》

15. On crush material.

16. On your thirst.

17. On your need for attention.

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