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17 Reasons Mr. Darcy Isn't Actually That Great

In honor of Pride and Prejudice's 201st birthday week.

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7. He is CONSTANTLY projecting thoughts and feelings onto other people.

Uhhh just because YOU didn't happen to notice (because you are so obsessed with yourself!) that Jane was into Bingley doesn't mean you should intervene, you maniac!

8. Do you really want to be with someone who first called you TOLERABLE??

This might be forgivable in Jane Austen world but IRL do you think you are EVER going to forget that. No, you are not.

10. He is SUCH a drama queen.

I just feel like someone should have SOMETHING of an idea that you are apparently totally in love with her before you show up unannounced to vomit feelings at her.

14. SO WHAT if you feel when he looks at you like you are being pierced through eternal life and joy and mystery and sexiness????? SO WHAT!

Remember the dealbreakers. Haha what were they again. Hahahaha I can't stop giggling, no seriously, what were the red flags.

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