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17 Problems Only People With Dyed Hair Have

I guess my skin just is blue now.

1. The major decision paralysis that strikes when you decide to try something new.

2. Becoming a master in a very specific kind of chemistry.

3. Leaving the bath tub looking like this.

4. Or, if you're a redhead, leaving it looking like a crime scene.

5. Waking up on pillows that look like those of a Troll Doll.

6. Having to look like a Little House on the Prairie-era woman when you shower.

7. Or, risking looking like this when you come out.

8. Having to think on your feet if you're caught in the rain.

9. Wondering what you could buy with the money you spend on your hair.

10. Knowing the box results will never look as awesomely bright as their pictures.

11. Running out of gloves and being like, "It'll probably be fine."

12. Realizing that you can no longer scratch your head without consequences.

13. The unparalleled joy you get from Day 1 of your new color.

14. And knowing it will inevitably fade.

15. Being unable to muster the patience required for the growing-out process.

16. Deciding to throw more hair dye at the problem.

17. And starting the process all over again.