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17 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl

I actually can't hear you from up here.

1. Everyone asks if you play basketball (or volleyball).

Maybe you did! Maybe, also though, you are desperately unathletic.

2. You get one picked-over rack of clearance shoes in a sale at MOST.

"Bye! Headed for the wealth of 7.5s!" — your annoying, shorter friends.

3. Your "awkward phase" just kind of...never...ended??

There is just soooo much limb to manage.

4. You refuse to shop at Long Tall Sally, because it is called Long Tall Sally.

Ugh I bet things in there WOULD fit nicely, though.

5. That thing where you complain about jean length and your friends are like, "LOL yeah I have to get mine hemmed."

6. Knowing you'll always be the tragically superior hugger in any pairing of two girls hugging.

Short people hug so weird.

7. The eternal question: shirt or dress?


You couldn't blend into the crowd even if you wanted.

9. When short girls judge you for wanting to date guys near your height.


10. It's not that you mind standing out, but you can't do that female pop star group thing of all looking the same in a picture.

11. Most other people come up riiiiiiiight to your chest.*wp-content*uploads*2012*02*Worlds-Tallest-Women-Pictures-32.jpg

Sometimes this is awkward. Sometimes it is fine.

12. The decision to wear heels is a commitment to being well over 6 feet tall for the day.

13. Insufficient legroom in the passenger seat of your date's car.

Look how annoyed she is.

14. Being taller than your slow-dancing partner for pretty much all of middle school and high school.

15. Trends are not your friends.

LOL I think we both know this isn't happening.

16. Feeling immediately terrible at concerts/movies for blocking people behind you.

17. People meeting you for the first time always say, "You're so tall!" and you're like, "...Yep!"

I mean, I've noticed.