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16 Questions All Socially Awkward People Are Tired Of Hearing

"How was your weekend?"

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1. "Whaddaya got planned for the weekend?"

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Ummm, lying in bed with my laptop and snacks on my stomach.

2. "Do anything fun this weekend?"

Yes: nothing. We've been over this.

3. "Why are you acting so quiet?"

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Because I don't have something to say literally every second???

4. "Is anything wrong? Are you sure you're OK?"

YES. This is just the normal amount I smile and talk.

5. "We're all going to happy hour, wanna join?"

This is a trap!!!

6. "Seeing anyone new lately?"

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How about I send you a memo when I want you to know.

7. "We have that party tonight, remember?"

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I can't. I have sudden onset death.

8. "Why don't you try to break out of your shell a little?"

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Omg, literally nobody has ever suggested that to me before. Also, what does that mean.

9. "Can you act like you want to be here?'

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But I doooooon't.

10. "Crazy weather we're having out there, huh?"

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It's the elevator! We don't have to bond!

11. "Oh, which way are you headed?"

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Ahhhhh, no. Noooo we don't have to walk together. We were so close to being done.

12. "Want to dance?"

The thing about that is that ... no.

13. "You guys ready for some icebreakers?"

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No. I never want a new job again. I cannot live through this again.

14. "So, what do you do?"

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I ... literally do not know how to describe it in a remotely interesting way.

15. "What kind of music do you listen to?"

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Uhhhh. Oh God. Um. What are some ... bands. Ahhh.

16. "What do you like to do for fun?"

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Be silent, mostly.

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