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    Nov 6, 2014

    16 Problems People With Too Many Feelings Understand

    Are you mad at me?

    1. Accidentally saying the wrong thing can torment you for days.

    Lucasfilm / Via

    If only time travel were real so I could say sentences just slightly better!!!

    2. Sometimes you become overwhelmed for no clear reason at all.

    Either nothing's really wrong ... or maybe everything is.

    3. Any intense feeling you experience will lead to tears.

    NBC / Via

    Sadness, fear, joy, hunger ... you're crying.

    4. Even *car commercials* can reduce you to blubbering.

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    It's really about the triumph of the human spirit!!!!

    5. Watching other people fall makes you feel TOO SAD. / Via

    Aggghhhhh the secondhand embarrassment. It's too much.

    6. Seriously, there is nothing worse than witnessing a prank or "practical joke."

    NBC / Via

    Nooooooo, what if they're mad/hurt/embarrassed?

    7. Making a decision takes forever, because you're *too* empathetic to all options.

    NBC / Via

    On the one hand ... but on the other hand ... but on the OTHER hand ...

    8. You need lots of alone time.

    Especially after a party, or a long day at work ... or really anything.

    9. You spook easily.

    ABC / Via

    Omg, please don't sneak up on me for ANY REASON.

    10. You're so observant that you find it hard to turn your brain off.

    BBC / Via

    Whyyy can't I stop paying attention to literally everything.

    11. When someone is mean to your friend or family member, it might as well have been you.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    HOW DARE YOU, person I don't even know???

    12. There is one question you ask more than any other:

    Just tell me.

    13. At the first sign of physical symptom, you're certain you're a goner.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    You can go headache --> brain tumor in 10 seconds flat.

    14. You wish movies and TV shows came with flashing warnings whenever something sad is about to happen.

    Fox / Via

    Ahhhh, noooo. This made-up thing is going to ruin my whole night.

    15. You mark your favorite passages in books so you can go back, reread them, and cry/laugh/blush all over again.

    Focus Features / Via

    16. You know you're "too in your head," but you don't know how to get out.

    Incentive Filmed Entertainment / Via

    Again: where is the off switch? Tell me.

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