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    15 Questions Human Beings Have For Extraterrestrial Aliens

    Just a couple quick things!!

    1. Are UFOs really spaceships?


    2. Just how big is outer space?

    3. Have you already visited Earth?

    Universal Pictures

    4. If you haven't already visited Earth, do you have plans to? If you can be specific as to when, that would be so great, thank youuuu.

    Screen Gems

    5. Actually, what is it you plan to do here? Just because we might be busy that day.

    Fox / Via

    6. How many of you are there?

    Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

    7. Is there something you know and aren't telling us?


    8. Do you think we're cute?

    9. Are we going to be OK? Like, for a while at least.

    Filmové Studio Gottwaldov

    10. Like, will the planet survive until I, personally, reach old age, is what I'm getting at.


    11. If you had to pick a favorite Milky Way planet, which would it be? No pressure!!

    Rastan / Getty Images

    12. Do you have any extra water lying around?

    13. Can you abduct one or two of my enemies for me? I will send you their names off-thread.

    Paramount Pictures

    14. Any intel vis-à-vis the meaning of life?


    15. When it comes to penis size, how small is too small and how big is too big?


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