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15 Problems Only Ghost Orbs Will Understand

*High-pitched wailing*

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5. People are always blocking your view.

Uhhhhh hellooooo

6. And taking selfies right next to you like you weren't trying to do the same thing first.

11. Traveling is no longer a source of mystery and joy, but an unceasing condemnation.

What you'd really love is to be able to just... stop moving. Stay still. But you can't.

12. Getting in an argument with bae and having her pretend like you're not even there.



14. Realizing you've been talking to your friend Geoff for hours and he hasn't said anything back. And Geoff's a quiet guy — you know that — but still. Even for him, this feels unprecedented, like some great chasm has opened between you that will never close.

15. Heading out on the open road — yet again — hoping that somehow, this time, things will be different, and you'll find it. Whatever it is you're left here looking for.