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15 Dream Scenarios For Every Socially Awkward Person

Ahhhh. Silence.

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1. You get in the empty elevator and the doors close before anyone else gets in.

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2. You cancel plans to go out and nobody gets upset with you.

Katie Heaney / Via BuzzFeed

3. Better yet, *someone else* cancels your weekend plans.

4. You walk into work on a Friday, say hi to everyone, and nobody asks what you're doing this weekend.

5. You get your hair cut and the stylist doesn't try to speak to you at all.

6. Someone goes to shake your hand and nothing weird happens.

Fox / Via

7. You get to a party and all your friends are already there.

8. Someone who's been maybe-flirting with you straight up tells you they like you.

The WB / Via

No more deeply insane analysis!!!

9. You order your coffee and it's exactly what you asked for.

The CW / Via

Because everyone knows you wouldn't have asked them to remake it.

10. Your call to the doctor's office/insurance company/etc. goes straight to voicemail.

11. You scroll through your ex's entire Instagram feed without accidentally liking anything.

Comedy Central / Via

12. Someone tells you their name and you remember it.

Brownstone Productions / Via

13. Just as you're afraid someone's leaving the office at the same time as you, they realize they forgot something at their desk.

14. The store has self-checkout, and everything swipes through without a problem.

FOX / Via

15. You see someone you know on the street, hide, and escape undetected.

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