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11 Creepy Photographs That Will Make You Look Twice

Is that ... a face?

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1. The Figure on the Balcony


"This is the Schluter house. Many, many people died in here. I snapped a few photos because the house was AMAZING. When I went to look at them, I noticed an odd figure on the balcony. This wasn’t taken through a car window or anything like that. I did some online research and saw photos just like the one I took with the same strange figure in them. Still creeps me the fuck out."

— tonibrookec

2. The Face in the Window


"This picture was taken back in February of 2012. I was looking for a wedding venue and got a private tour of Loose Mansion in Kansas City, MO. In the upper right hand corner in the glass pane, there is a face. Keep in mind, you had to be buzzed into the building so there was no way there was anyone on the other side. It also wouldn’t be a reflection of anyone on my side of the glass either since there was a small set of stairs leading up to the doors (you can see the handrails), and the only other people there were my mom, my cousin, the lady giving us the tour."

— kaylahat11

3. The Strange Light


"Last year, while taking some pictures around my property of some old abandoned buildings, I captured this image. Look in the top corner at the window, there appears to be light glowing from within, despite the fact the building has no electricity or other sources of light, and in person no light was visible."

— riverwilde


4. The Face in the Fire


"I went camping with my family two years ago and took this picture of our campfire on our last night. When I posted it on Instagram, I noticed this FUCKING CREEPY FACE in the fire SCREAMING AT ME!!! It looks like Voldemort, and I love it, but it terrified us when we first noticed."

Tina Wargo

5. The Unexplained Handprint


"So this is a picture taken of my mirror in my parents’ home (I put my handprint on the right for a size comparison). No siblings/other people in the house who could have made the handprint. After a lot of weird occurrences, I asked my parents, and apparently a little girl died in my home after a fire started in my room."


6. The Shadow


"This photo was taken at the Hotel Meade located at Bannack, MT. I tried to recreate the photo the best I could to see if it was a mistake on my end but I could not. Plus, the shadow appears to be disappearing. The hotel is definitely creepy. There is an old stove on the main floor and I have two more pictures that show some similar movement that occurred on the Ghost Adventures episode. Legit haunted."

— carmenjackelynl

7. The Skull in the Smoke


"My 12th birhtday (2005), shot in August so there was no fog or mist going on. It was on one of those big fat (but SUPER AWESOME) digital cameras. Promise no editing whatsoever. You can see the one very prominent skull-face on the bottom right of the mist and the light orb is where the nose is, and if you look above it there is another one with a large open mouth. We took maaaany pictures, that was the only one like this. I now rent this house from my Dad and we still hear freaky things from time to time."



8. The Casper-Like Form


"My boyfriend and I stayed at a haunted castle in Scotland in April. The story goes that a young girl died as she fell down the stairs. After the ghost tour, we started snapping pictures — several in this mirror. This picture though shows a Casper-looking form on the staircase."


9. The Mysterious Fog


"This was taken a few years ago in the Los Angeles area of Sierra Madre. A mud slide had taken place recently and my family walked around the area. I was just randomly taking pictures of the sandbags. I didn’t see the fog stuff or weirdly shaped, skull-looking sandbag until after I uploaded them to the computer. My mom and I are very convinced this might have been a ghost, at least the fog part. I zoomed in on the sandbag, and that’s all it is, but the way it looks makes this picture even creepier."

— ebjustpeachy

10. The Face in the Theatre


"I took this photo in a theatre in New Orleans. I was trying to take a picture of my friend who was playing in the music pit. The picture came out all messed up and there is a face in the middle of the photo."


11. The Cat Whisperer


"I heard my cat, Duck, making noise in the other room. I went to see what was up, and i thought she was just desperate for attention. I took a photo, and when I looked at it in my camera roll, the reason for the commotion was clear: Duck had found a ghost."

Becca Laurie