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10 Signs You're A Total Virgo

1. You were born between Aug. 24 and Sept. 23.

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2. You have a keen eye for pointing out flaws in people/things around you.

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It's not that you're mean, or harsh — you're just intuitive, and good at using your analytical skills to assess flaws in a situation or person. You just have to be careful you don't point them out TOO readily.

3. You're very, very organized — probably with one notable exception.

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Virgos are known as "clean freaks," but it's common for them to have ONE place — whether material, like a closet, or in the form of a bad habit — where they're complete messes.

4. You're an incurable perfectionist. / Via

Much like Queen Bey (herself a Virgo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B), almost perfect isn't good enough for you. You are relentless, ambitious, and highly self-critical — and likely to go far because of it.


5. But sometimes you over-complicate things.

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In your conviction that doing things right means doing them a very certain way, you might limit yourself more than is necessary. Virgos have to work extra hard to break routine.

6. It's easy for you to slip into denial.

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Because everything HAS to be OK for a Virgo, sometimes they lie when it really isn't. This can make it hard for your friends and family to know when something's bothering you.

7. You're a realist.

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Everyone daydreams, but perhaps no one so little as a Virgo — you're much more likely to value your daily, real-life experiences over dreaming about things that may never happen.

8. Others seek you out for advice.

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Your realism makes you good at common-sense (if sometimes bleak) advice. You're able to approach things from a nearly objective perspective, which is valuable and rare.


9. ... Which can sometimes go to your head.

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Virgos can become a bit controlling, but it comes from a good place — they know they're good at problem solving, so they want to do it for *everything.* A Virgo's friends might see it differently.

10. You're very conscious of your body and health. / Via

Virgos are said to be more deeply connected to their bodies than most people. Whether this takes the form of a passion for exercise or nutrition, or a little bit of hypochondria, or just a general interest, Virgos are simply curious about the human body.

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