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10 Signs You're A Total Pisces

1. You were born between February 19 and March 20.

1. You experience feelings (yours AND other people's) very deeply.

Pisces are sensitive souls, and their empathy, while valuable, can make them quite emotional as they take on the burdens of others.

2. You're generous and compassionate.

Pisces is perhaps the sign most willing to sacrifice itself for the good of others. This makes them appreciated and well-loved, but Pisces must also be careful that their generosity is not taken advantage of.

3. You're easy to spend time with and go with the flow.

People born under Pisces tend to be laid-back and flexible. On the flip side, it can sometimes be hard for a Pisces to self-motivate or make a decision and stick to it.

4. You're a dreamer.

Pisces tend to be spiritual, reflective people who like to think about themselves and their place in the world. You might rely on other people to keep you grounded in reality, because if left to your own devices, you could daydream for hours.

5. Your favorite kind of party: pity party.

Pisces have a proclivity for getting their feelings and wishes whipped up within themselves, which can lead to them becoming quite despondent. Pisces in melancholy can become a bit sluggish, and likely enjoy wandering around the house in sweatpants.

6. You are never, ever, ever on time.

You know that thing where someone really wants to meet you at 7:30, but she knows you're always half an hour late, so she tells you to come at 7? All of your friends, everyone you know, is doing that to you.

7. You don't really believe in "having plans."

Rather than making concrete plans, or shopping by a list, or relying on your GPS, you'd rather let things happen naturally and spontaneously. Sometimes this backfires wildly! But sometimes it goes fine.

8. You're artsy.

Pisces people tend to be artistic, with natural gifts for painting, music, poetry, and so on. Artistic expression is often one of the few areas in which the Pisces feels comfortable sharing his/her talents with others.

9. You have a hard time saying no.

(And not just to tequila.) Pisces never want to hurt anyone's feelings (and have a hard time getting their own feelings hurt), which contributes to their unease with confrontation and turning others down.

10. You're a hopeless romantic.

Pisces' creativity and sensitivity make them natural-born romantics, and their compassion urges them to do any number of small, cute things for the people they like/are involved with. Pisces just have to be careful not to get TOO wrapped up in their relationships.

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