10 Signs You’re A Total Leo

You were born between July 23 and August 22.

1. You love being the center of attention.

Leos love to make an entrance wherever they go, and leaving people with a strong first impression is very important to them.

2. Similarly, your outgoing nature gives you a flair for the dramatic.

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Many Leos, comfortable as they are at center stage, become actors or musicians — or find other ways to put themselves under the spotlight. You’re DRAMATIC, but not in an un-fun way!

3. You’re not GREAT with alone time.

FOX / Via 3e3e.tumblr.com

Because of their love for an audience, Leos hate being alone more than most signs — and might come off a little needy as a result.

4. You’re diligent and driven.

Many people love to work with Leos, as they don’t tend to start projects they can’t finish. You’re ambitious and dedicated, and usually work best in groups.

5. Your knack for leadership can *sometimes* get to your head.

It’s natural for Leos to rise quickly to positions of leadership, but your take-charge, occasionally-overbearing attitude can get you in trouble with coworkers if you aren’t careful.

6. You feel VERY good about yourself.

Leos are excited to be alive, and are sure they’re here for a reason. Your self-assuredness is great, so long as it doesn’t dip too often into self-absorption.

7. You’re a complete romantic.

New Line Cinema / Via media.giphy.com

Leos are fire signs, and as such they tend to be very passionate. You’re charming and spontaneous, and may fall quickly in love.

8. You probably have a lot of admirers.

Whether you know it yet or not, Leos are tremendously appealing. You may go through periods where you have *too many* suitors to choose from.

9. You love sports and being active.

Columbia Pictures / Via thequestionable.com

A natural at the gym (and often in team sports), you enjoy being active and participating in healthy competition with other people.

10. You have a true taste for luxury.

Given the choice between brand-name and generic, a Leo never chooses generic. You want to be surrounded by as many nice things as possible.

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